Keeping hearts happy…


May 11
« Keeping hearts happy is a lot like keeping
bodies healthy. We need to feed our hearts well through reading, prayer, and meditation, and exercise them by loving. »
-Jan Nakken
Reading inspirational and spiritual literature before our mindfulness meditation in the morning helps us because it encourages positive and loving thoughts throughout the day.
It keeps us on a spiritual path. As we meditate on the words we have read, our hearts are storing the feelings these words evoke. They are with us, whether we are aware of them or not. At any time during the day, we can trigger them by an act or thought of love, compassion, or generosity.
Each morning, as I take time to read, meditate, and pray, I am deepening my connection with God. This helps me to be open to God’s guidance, finding opportunities to practice being a loving
and compassionate person.


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