In Ruth Fishel We are all brothers and sisters on the same boat…even if we don’t recognize it…

Dear Friends,

I thought that I had voted for the first woman President yesterday, but clearly our country is not ready for that. It will perhaps motivate me to live a while longer. I am so sad for our country and for all of the hatred, anger and violence that have been stirred up in the hearts of our countrymen. And though it looks like those qualities are winning, in our practice we learn about impermanence and know that all things will change…we also learn to take a long view and know that it is always much too early to tell what the long term impact of any action will be.

As someone who has lived with cancer for eight years, I know that first you cry and then you do what needs to be done. We are all being called upon to rise to this occasion…We have our work cut out for us. There is much to be done. After we cry we need to water lots of seeds of joy in ourselves to be able to be with the suffering. Follow the advice of the medicine person…and DANCE!

In the meantime, we can love those who are feeling fearful, do what we can to provide safety for them and speak out about injustice. And for today, my objective will be to perform random acts of kindness without regard to political persuasion. Know that there is truly no duality, we are all brothers and sisters in the same boat…even if we don’t recognize it. I will also be sending prayers for all of us.

May all beings know that we are love and are loved, and may all beings wake up!

with much love and the deep peace of three conscious breaths for you,

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