In Ruth Fishel , time to meditate…

‘Daily meditation is the single most importent practice for your ongoing transformation. »
Jack Kornfield
So many people say they haven’t time to meditate.  Careful…I’m going to take away your excuse. I have read that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 2 hours sleep. So if you usually get up at 6AM and instead get up at 5:30 and meditate for 20 minutes, you’re ahead of yourself!
Then people say, « I can’t meditate. I think too much. » They expect all thoughts to leave them.  Meditation does not mean you will have no thoughts. It means your will be aware of your thoughts, you will accept them
and they will pass on. You will not get caught up in them. That is when you suffer.  Freedom comes from just letting them be and letting them go.
Have I taken away your excuses?  Will you join us as we transform ourselves and send transforming  energy out into the world? 


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