P0sitive thinking-Negative thinking-Penser positivement-Penser négativement.

september 19
« Habits of thinking need not be forever.
One of the most significant findings in psychology in the last twenty years is that individuals can choose the way they think. »
-Martin Seligman
When talking to people about aging, many had positive things to say about it. Some looked forward to doing what they wanted to do after they retire, such as travel or write their memoirs. Others thought of it as a time to volunteer or to spend more time with family and friends. Yet there were some who dreaded aging. One person said that there is nothing good about aging!
It has been said that how we think about aging will be how it is for us. Recent tests have proven that a positive attitude about
aging improves our immune system. This is very important. Consider how you feel about aging.
Martin Seligman, professor of psychology, has shown that optimism can be learned. And optimists do better than pessimists
in almost every aspect of life, including how well their immune systems function.
It is impossible to keep two opposite thoughts in mind at the same time, and the impact of a negative thought can be cancelled by thinking a positive one.
It is exciting to know that how I think about aging will be how I experience aging. I choose to have a positive attitude and look forward to experiencing joy as I grow older.



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