Ruth Fishel


How Do We Practice Mindful Meditation?

Meditation is really very simple. Sit either in a crossed-leg position on a cushion, on a meditation bench, or in a chair, wherever you are most comfortable. Sit with your back as straight as possible, with your eyes closed very gently, or look down at a
45-degree angle. Begin by being mindful of your breathing. Feel your breath going in and coming out of your nose. You can also watch your chest as it rises and falls and your stomach as it fills and empties.

It’s normal for thoughts to come in, your body to itch or hurt, or for you to become impatient. Simply notice whatever comes up that takes you away from your breathing and return to your breath, without any judgment. The more you practice, the more peaceful you become. Practice this for the minimum of 20 minutes every day. As you develop this practice each day, you will be able to bring this mindful awareness
into other areas of your day.It feels so good to begin my day connecting spiritually
with the practice of mindfulness. I am bringing  peace and an open heart to the rest of my day.


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