Je préfère écrire cette liste…I prefer write the list….

So, in your mind or on paper, make a list of things that make you smile. Several times a day, look for moments to bring that list to mind . . . and a soft smile to your face.

« I prefer to be reading the list several times this way is helping me to remind.  It is also helping  to read the list when i am not at my best…or not feeling good… »

Then notice the results, in how you feel inside, and in how you act toward others and how they respond to you.

Savor these good feelings and successes, taking them in.

Smiling a few more times each day may not seem like much, but it will send wonderful ripples through your brain, body, mind, and relationships.

Now, isn’t that something to smile about?

Rick Hanson, Ph.D



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