Ruth Fishel

Dear Louise,   


 I know this is a bit late but I want to share with you a page written for WRINKLES DON’Y HURT: The joy of Aging Mindfully by our dear and wonderful friend Barbara Thomas.  Barbara is very sick and your prayers would be greatly appreciated!
September 14
« Carpe diem! » (Seize the day!)
Having had, for many years, the joy and the privilege of experiencing a way of life that focuses on the wise suggestion to « live in the day, » I feel rather disconnected from the term « aging. » For so many years of my life, I projected disasters into the nonexistent
future and consequently suffered much unnecessary,
agonizing pain over imaginary situations and happenings. I also worried more about « getting old » when I was in my 30s, 40s, and 50s than I do now at almost the three-quarters of a century mark.
I certainly have not mastered the « living in the day » skill, but continue to work at it and experience much Improvement as time goes on. I appreciate each day of life as a precious gift regardless of age. After all, we begin to « age » on the day of our birth. I am
grateful as I realize how much I have learned in my life thus far, and also realize how little I really know. There is a sense of excitement in the knowledge that life has so much more to teach me and I am eager to learn. My hope is that I may « live gracefully » as long as I am in this world, one day at a time.
-Barbara Thomas
Learning to live just one day
at a time, my life is rich and full
and open and free.




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