Ruth Fishel –

A wonderful prayer if you are having difficulties with someone.
Dear God,
I surrender this relationship to You for healing. I am willing to see this person differently
and acknowledge the Truth of who they are. I’m willing to know they are capable of being kind,
loving, compassionate, respectful, supportive and understanding. I am holding a place of peace
for both of us and ask for Your help in healing this relationship. I forgive myself for any judgmental or
critical thoughts. Please take those thoughts from me and heal them for me. If there is any place
in my mind where I have decided I deserve anything less than love, respect and kindness from others,
please heal those thoughts for me. If I am holding impure thoughts about this person, I surrender those
thoughts to You now. Thank You for Your miracles. I dedicate this relationship to the highest experience
of joy and happiness.
Thy will be done.
From « Miracles in Prayer » by Robin Duncan


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