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 -Desmond Tutu- –

Meditation: Opening to the Light

1. Close your eyes and follow your breath. 2. When you feel centered, imagine yourself in a safe place. 3. In the center of your safe space is a box with many drawers. 4. The drawers are labeled. The inscriptions show hurts you have yet to forgive. 5. Choose a drawer and open it. Rolled or folded or crumpled up inside it are all the thoughts and feelings the incident evokes. 6. You can choose to empty out this drawer. 7. Bring your hurt into the light and examine it. 8. Unfold the resentment you have felt and set it aside. 9. Smooth out the ache and let it drift up into the sunlight and disappear. 10. If any feeling seems too big or too unbearable, set it aside to look at later. 11. When the drawer is empty, sit for a moment with it on your lap. 12. Then remove the label from this drawer. 13. As the label comes off, you will see the drawer turn to sand. The wind will sweep it away. You don’t need it anymore. 14. There will be no space left for that hurt in the box. That space is not needed anymore. 15. If there are more drawers still to be emptied, you can repeat this meditation now or later.

Acknowledging the Harm

Listen. Do not try to fix the pain. Do not minimize the loss. Do not offer advice. Do not respond with your own loss or grief. Keep confidentiality. Offer your love and your caring. Empathize and offer comfort


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