Discover… Découvrir…

No Excuses Quote of the Day:


« Discover who you truly are and fully give every aspect of your uniqueness to the world. This is your path to an extraordinary life. »

 » Découvre qui tu es vraiment et offre pleinement au monde, l’être unique que tu es dans tous ses aspects.  C’est ton chemin vers une vie merveilleuse. « 


Ditch The Diet


For years we have been told hundreds of different ways to eat in order to be the « healthiest, » but every year it seems as if one « diet plan » contradicts what we just learned the previous year. That can get pretty annoying, right? Once we ditch the diet, there will be no more contradictions!

Ditching the diet is one of the best ways of reaching optimal wellness.

We do not change by force, fear, deprivation, and guilt; if we are looking for long lasting change, we must understand that it does not happen that way and that is why diets do not work.

What do you actually learn on diets? You don’t actually learn about your relationship with food, do you? Once we recognize that the deprivation isn’t the answer, we learn to start listening to our body, and once we learn to listen to our body….. we step into freedom.

Take away: Today’s mission is to feel with your body and think with your mind. What is your body telling you when you eat a certain food? Does it agree with you? Does it make you feel good? What emotions are associated with eating certain foods?

Tap into your internal dialogue and ask your body what it is telling you.

Have a great day and have fun tapping into the internal dialogue.

Take care,


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