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Pat, a good friend of mine, was going through a difficult time.
I asked him if I could share what he did to get through it and he said I could.  There are some wonderful lessons here!
« Today I choose to go out and practice walking meditation along Sligo Creek.  As I crossed the creek on one of it’s many bridges I paused, watched and listened to the racing creek. Gracefully flowing through the rocks and boulders, it’s life force began to invigorate me.   A winter bird sang out over the creeks melody calling me back to the present moment. As I slowly began my walking meditation I began with breathing in – present moment,  breathing out – wonderful moment.  Slowly I arrived in the moment, just walking and breathing while guiding my thoughts with this simple gatha. I recalled that this decision process has not been mine alone, but one made & supported by family & friends.  Then I saw again, as I have a few times these past weeks, that I am surrounded by love. So as I walked I made up my own gatha: breathing in – aware of fear, breathing out – surrounded by love. Soon I shifted this to: breathing in – surrounded by love, breathing out – embracing love.  Walking and breathing in this way, my mood softened and I began to enjoy being in nature and knowing that right now in this moment all is wonderful.
Nothing to be afraid of and nothing to hold onto.  Life will change and unfold in ways unimaginable to me.  I know this yet, I often still want certainty in our world full of uncertainty. So I breath in – aware of impermanence, breath out – smiling to impermanence.  Gently coming back to the present moment, the only moment in which I can truly be alive.  Walking slowly, let us embrace this life together. Walking with fear, let us grow into love. »
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