Ruth Fishel



The rules for our retreat were to give up all electronics and really focus on looking deeply.  The only place I broke this was to check in on Sandy for a minute or 2.  Other than that…silence, except when listening to a talk by our teacher or some guided meditations or sharing at the end of each day.
It was very profound.  I was able to go deeper and see different areas of my life where I created my own suffering.  One can’t do this when busy all the time or checking emails or watching TV.
Mindfulness is more than just sitting meditation.  Mindfulness is awareness and acceptance of each moment.
This was part of the description for the retreat:
« However, mindful living and mindfulness meditation are not enough to free us from our historical conditioning and misperception of what’s actually occurring in our reality. Without clear seeing and correct view, we will continue to misinterpret reality and make choices and decisions based on distorted thinking and emotional confusion. Until the information that our minds are providing us is grounded in clarity and insight, we will be endlessly tossed about by the forces of our habit energies and self-centered interpretations and projections. »

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