Ruth Fishel



WRINKLES wrinkles
The Joy of Aging Mindfully
Should I or Shouldn’t I?
Should I or Should I not . . .
Color my Hair?
Have a tummy tuck?
A face lift?
Get a wig?
Or just be me?







  Jan 25


As I go about my day I trust all my decisions to my positive inner guide.  Nothing from the past will block me or hold me back.  Today is mine to use for growth and recovery.  I love myself today.


SPIRITLIFTERS, sending messages that bring peace


4 réflexions au sujet de « Ruth Fishel »

      1. No,no,no !!! I once see on tv this operation and the result was devasting…i prefer to keep my fat…;)

        But i have decided to be in better health, eating well, less desert,moving a little every day…It has been a little difficult for the first days but now it is easier and i am proud of me. 😉

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