JANUARY, 2014 



 Dear Louise,   






I’m preparing for our  upcoming retreat in Jacksonville today and as I was going through some saved files, I came accross this wonderful poem by Virginia  Santoro. A perfect reminder for me to let go of the small stuff and go with the flow.


Who’s In Charge?
by Virginia Santoro

« Things can go haywire.
They sometimes do.
Then the question is asked…
Who’s in charge? Is it you?

Solutions are in order.
Blame must be assigned.
She’s the one who’s responsible.
See that it’s done quickly – yes, in no time.

And when things go well…
Who’s the one in command?
Why, naturally, it’s me, she says…
With a flourish of her hand.

Well, I tell you one thing.
And of this, I’ve no doubt.
We are NEVER in charge.
Though we think that we are.

Man makes plans and God laughs.
It’s an age-old, well-worn truth.
Divine Order’s in charge.
So, give it up. Just hang loose. »

Copyright 2000
Virginia Santoro 


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