Ruth Fishel



“Mindfulness is probably one of the most
powerful stress busters out there. It’s also a phenomenal
way to become fully engaged with life. Practiced
and taught by teachers in traditions ranging from Vedic
and Tantric to Buddhist and everything in between,
it’s a versatile practice that we often gain access to through
meditation, but can easily transfer to everyday living.”
—Lindsey Lewis
Here are just a few ways to be mindful in everyday living:
• Meditate first every morning.
• Bring your awareness to brushing your teeth and taking a
• Bring your full attention to cooking your meals.
• Stay mindful while eating. Turn off the television and refrain
from reading anything.
• Give full attention to any conversation you have.
• Take a mindful walk sometime during the day or evening.
• End your day being mindful of all the things for which you
are grateful.
Now add some more ideas of your own.


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