Ruth Fishel




  « A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure
until he begins to blame somebody else. »
-John Burroughs

We hear people all the time saying that their lives would
be so much better if only « I had gotten that job, » or « my mother wasn’t an alcoholic, » or « my father hadn’t left us, » or « I
had gotten that scholarship to college. »
Some people stay stuck their entire lives living in a resentment that things would be better if « ___________. » They hold on to
the anger or their shame or their fixed ideas that they are stuck
because of « ___________. »
When we learn to take responsibility for our own lives and not let our past dictate our future, then we can be free to be ourselves
and live to our fullest potential. It’s so important that we
don’t carry these destructive concepts with us as we grow older.
We need to let go of everything that is holding us back, make
peace with our past, and forgive our mistakes and the mistakes of
those who we feel hurt us.
As mindfulness becomes more and more a part of us we can
be more aware of the thoughts that have kept us stuck in our
victim state and let them go. Only then can we be free to create
the life we were meant to live.
I pray that I may be willing to let go of all my « if only’s, »
all my regrets, and my blaming people, places, and things so
that I can live a rich life full of joy and peace and love.


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