ruth fishel

Wherever you are today is perfect. You have been

on a journey arriving right here, right now in this moment in time and space. You
are here to make a new beginning on your spiritual journey and to experience and
accept JOY in your life.

You are in a perfect place for spiritual growth and change.

Every thing you have done in your entire life has brought you to this very moment
and it is perfect.

Accept yourself just as you are.

All of yourself.


Know that you are perfect and let yourself feel the joy of that knowledge.

Today I am on my spiritual path to recovery.


5 réflexions au sujet de « ruth fishel »

  1. For me personally … « completely » sounds a bit like one can’t add any more to something, so to say, an end has been reached. « perfect » sounds the same, but not so strong. 😀
    I wish you a good and healthy new year
    Michel 😀

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