Letter writing, a way to express feelings

Nov 14
The most heated bit of letter-writing can be a wonderful safety
valve-providing the wastepaper basket is somewhere near by.
-Bill Wilson
Are you angry at someone? Are you holding on to resentment? Is there someone you
envy? Someone who has  hurt you, taken something from you, or not given you something
you want?
Writing a letter to that person is a wonderful release. In the letter we can say
everything we would like to say to the person, every feeling we have been holding
in. We can write this letter even to someone who has died. If these feelings aren’t
expressed, they do us harm mentally, physically,
and spiritually. It’s in expressing them that we find freedom and peace.
Just make sure you wait twenty-four hours before mailing the letter.
Give yourself a full twenty-four hours and then reread it. Once your feelings are
expressed, you may feel better about the situation and decide either not to send
it at all or to write a softer, less angry letter.

I am finding healthy ways to express my feelings today. I no
longer keep them bottled up, blocking me from feeling inner peace.

Ruth Fishel


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