From Ruth Fichel on Spiritlifter

What’s the lesson in this? A good question when going through difficult times.
I am trying to turn difficult times into lessons for me first and then to share 
them with you in the hope that they can help both of us!
We really do have the power to change how we feel, if we don’t hold on and if we
are willing!

Recently I wasn’t chosen to speak in a situation that was important to me. What 
a lesson here!
Right away I saw ego and self-centeredness were all over the place.
And then Pride!
I should be beyond this!
After all these years I shouldn’t be letting something like this bother me!
But it was.
It did.
And I accepted my imperfections
But seeing this wasn’t even enough to let it go.
So I did what I learned many years ago when I first got into recovery. I talked 
about it. I vented. I talked about it to my partner, then to a dear friend, then
to another dear friend.
And the upset lessened.
I did a mini the (listing my resentment and then looking at what in me was causing
my pain) and told my sponsor.
And the upset lessened.
So talking helped. And looking deeply at what in me was responsible.
But it was still there.
I prayed about it. I prayed to let it go.
And it lessened some more.
But it was still there.
Then I wrote about it.
And it lessened some more.Then I remember a lesson from Pema Chodron.
First she suggested that I realize that I am not alone. That other people feel the
same way in similar circumstances.
And he suggested Tonglin, that one should think about all the other people who feel
the same way.
And breathe in all that I was feeling for all those people.
Take in all their pain
And then breathe out healing and happiness for everyone.
And I smiled.
And I am writing to you and I am smiling.
And finally…
I feel good.



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