Ruth Fishel


Please don’t let my thoughts destroy my peace of mind.
-Author unknown
God Bags are wonderful to use when things are bothering you, when you are worried,
when you feel stuck and when you can’t let go. They’re helpful when you are concerned
about your own or someone else’s health. They are good when you need to let go or
when you want relief
from pain, uncertainty, unhappiness. When you want to turn something over to God.
When you finally come to the relief of knowing, « I can’t.
God can. I think I’ll let God. »
You can take any bag at all, plastic, paper, or cloth-or a box, if you prefer-and
simply write God or Higher Power on it, or write the name of the God of your understanding,
or write nothing at all. You could even take a can and write God Can! on it. You
can do more, of course. You can paint or crayon a simple design or even embroider
a fancy one. If this is not
something you want others to see, be sure to put it in a safe place.
Then, when something is bothering you, write it down on a piece of paper, fold the
paper, and put it in the bag, box, or can. When the worrisome thought recurs, say
to yourself, « I have nothing to worry about.
I have put it in the God Bag and God is handling it. »
You will find this so freeing. It’s a wonderful way to let go, let God, and have
Whenever I have something that disturbs me that I can’t
resolve by myself, I am writing it down and turning it over to
God, There’s nothing more I need to do. It gives me so much
peace to know that God is in charge.


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