Spiritlifter Ruth Fishel

There are so many things we can do to practice mindfulness during the day. Here 
are just a few:
When the phone rings, wait for three rings before answering it. Breathe in and out,
being aware of your breath as you wait.
When walking from the car to the house, practice walking slowly, mindful of your
feet as they touch the ground.
STOP three or four times during the day and breathe in and out three times. Use 
the same technique when any negative or stressful feelings come up.
When driving, be aware of your hands on the steering wheel, your body as it sits
in the seat, your foot as it touches the gas pedal.
When in a conversation with someone, be fully present. Listen carefully, without
letting your mind go to any judgment or thought of how you will respond.
Take the time to sit with mindfulness meditation twenty minutes at the start of 
your day.
How wonderful it is to be able to bring peace and joy to any moment by simply being
aware of my breath.


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