Octobre 4, 2013 On walking… Si on allait marcher…

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out
till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.
-John Muir

There are so many ways to walk. There is power walking and fast
walking and competitive walking. There’s walking for the purpose of
getting somewhere and there’s walking for the purpose of exercise. All
walking is good for us physically and mentally.

Slow walking is good for us spiritually. It’s wonderful to be able to
take the time to look at and be with our surroundings. If we are lucky
enough, we can notice the trees and the birds, the sky and the clouds, the
earth, the flowers and weeds. If we are in a city filled with pavement and
concrete streets and tall buildings, we can still be aware as we take each
step, feeling the air fill our lungs, seeing the sky between buildings, and
smiling at people as they pass us.

If it is impossible to get outside we can take some time to walk
around indoors, no matter how small our surroundings. Walking clears
our heads, invigorates our bodies, and gives us a wonderful way to find
some peace during a busy day.

No matter what is going on in my life today,
I will take at least a few moments to slow down and
feel the peace as I enjoy a walk.

Ruth Fishel

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