From Spiritlifters

Resentment gets re-sent and re-sent in our lives.
When we hold discord in our bodies towards someone else,
we are affected spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
Often, the lack of forgiveness contributes to the lack of abundance and creativity
in our lives.
Forgiveness is the opportunity FOR GIVING to ourselves in a much greater way, versus
holding anger and energy that takes away from our good.

Forgiveness in not a special event which happens every now and then.
It is a way of living life every day. We end the day with a prayer of forgiveness
for any moment in that day in which we showed any behavior which was less
than the expression of our Christ consciousness. When we forgive others,
we remove the blocks of resentment and allow more good to flow into our lives.
When we forgive ourselves, we take responsibility for our actions and step further
into our spiritual magnificence.

Temple Hayes


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