Ruth Fishel

Sept 24

Today I choose to do things for me that make me feel good about myself.  Today is
a perfect day to do something that I have been putting off.


8 réflexions au sujet de « Ruth Fishel »

    1. I meditate and read a book of Thich Nhat Hahn and after I had an appointment with my neurologist.

      I arrived home at 4 and go see a friend before supper.

      In the evening I meditate a little. That’s it. And you? Are you arrived to Berlin?

      1. I have to go to hospital to have an electro-encéphalogramme, it is not bad but it will take 3hours instead of 1 hour. The neurologist tell me that this one is more « perfectionné » and can tell if i had epilepsia.
        Many years ago i had a surgery for brain tumor and also have radiotherapy. Since then i have to take pills for epilepsia and secondary effects is problems with memory, she change my pills (less secondary effects) but i still have problem with my memory.

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