Ruth Fishel

Now it’s my turn for a retreat!  Today I am on a lovely journey traveling to Magnolia
Grove, a new meditation center in Mississippi to attend a Thich Haht Hanh retreat.
Over 900 people will be attending. Thay (meaning teacher) as he is often called,
started me on my journey to Buddhism when I read his first book: THE MIRACLE OF
MINDFULNESS. He has written close to 100 books and I have probably read 30 or more.
I highly recommend THE MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS and PEACE IN EVERY STEP.  It contains
simple teachings for your path to peace.  Thay has been nominated twice for the 
Noble Peace Prize, speaks all over the world, including at the United Nations and
has led retreats for the United States Congress.

   I look forward
to sharing this journey with you when I return.   Know that you are all with me 
in my heart at this retreat!

Ruth Fishel


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