September 20




When someone says or does something that brings up strong emotions in us, instead
of reacting, we can go back to ourselves. We breathe, calm ourselves, and look deeply
at the feeling that has come up in us in order to understand. Usually the feeling
is not what we think it is. When we look deeply at what at first feels like anger,
it may become clear that it is
really covering hurt or sadness.
When we breathe with that feeling, sometimes a memory arises of another place, another
time, when we had the same feeling. We can then send love and compassion to ourselves
at that place and time. When we have taken care of ourselves in that way, we find
that we can look at the person who we thought was the cause of our suffering in 
a new way. All
we can see is his or her suffering. We feel nothing but compassion, and all we want
to do is help that person suffer less.
I am so grateful that I can heal the past in the present
moment, that I can untie the knots that are in me so
that I can be free and at peace.

Ruth Fishel


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