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« The real mindfulness practice is your life.
It’s not about 45 minutes a day and the job is done.
It’s about letting the practice spill over into every waking moment of your life
. . . you’re no longer practicing a technique. It becomes a way of being. »
-Jon Kabat-Zinn
It is important to do the formal practice, which is sitting and  quietly calming
your mind for a regular period each day, preferably in the morning. You can concentrate
on your breath or a phrase, whichever works best for you. By training your mind 
this way, it will become more and more natural to bring your awareness to the rest
of your day. You will be calmer, more peaceful, happier, and healthier, just to 
name a few of the perks.
Not only does it feel so good to be a daily meditator, but it also is helping me
be healthier and more spiritual.

Ruth Fishel



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