In Boston for a peace walk with Thich Naht Hanh (from Spiritlifter)

World wide meditation teacher Thich Naht Hanh, author of over 30 books, will be 
in Boston for a peace walk on Sunday.

If anyone is interested in attending the Peace Walk with Thay on Sept. 15 and would
like to ride share, please contact Cindy West ( )
who has been kind enough to offer to organize it.

Here is what a reporter has to say about a day she attended with him:

« I had been taking notes the entire time, thinking about things from the outside.
But during the song, I stashed away notebook and pen and sat on the ground in lotus
position. I tried to align my breaths with the music, and focused on each note. 
The song helped me to let go of thought, of yesterday and tomorrow, and to focus
on just breathing. My breaths became deeper, and I no longer felt the ache in my
left shoulder from the previous night, or the strain in my lower back from sitting
in a chair.
It helped me not just to understand, but to experience his fundamental message: 
« I have arrived. I am home. » For that brief moment, it was true. »


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