« I am an old man and have known a great many
troubles, but most of them never happened. »
-Mark Twain

Over the years we accumulate habits, and until we stop and do some mindful self-searching,
we don’t even realize that we can change.
Worrying is a good example. I have spoken to many people who worry all the time.
« Why, of course I worry, » they say. « It’s my children who are going through so 
much, » or « How am I going to pay my bills? »
and so on. Worry is such a normal part of their lives that they don’t even know 
another way. Worry keeps us from inner peace and contentment and drags our spirits
down. If you identify with any of this you might want to consider giving it up and
enjoying the rest of your life with more freedom.
How can we let go of worry? It takes time and practice. Each time you find yourself
worrying, take a conscious, mindful breath.
Feel it. Feel your breath as it goes in and out from your nose. Feel your chest 
as it rises and falls.
Find that space between the in breath and the out breath when nothing is happening,
that pause between breaths.
You’ll know the absence of worry in that moment. Even for a brief time you will 
experience it.
Your mind will feel free and light.
You will feel free and light.
This won’t take worrying away completely, but in time worrying will be less of a
burden. You are learning to use conscious, mindful breathing to let go.
It feels so good to let go of the worrying that has been blocking me from being 


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