16 août – August 16

AUG 16
« If you have one eye on yesterday, and one eye on
tomorrow, you’re going to be cockeyed today. »   🙂
-Author unknown
Regardless of our age, we really only have today . . . this moment. With the practice
of mindfulness, I can catch myself quicker when I worry about the future or waste
precious time and energy reliving the past. If I can remember to engage in a simple
task (such as making the bed or sorting papers at work) and say softly out loud 
to myself each action that I’m taking, it forces me to stay right in the now. Therefore,
it’s almost impossible to obsess about the future while describing the process of
making up the bed. For example, « Now I’m pulling the fitted sheet to the corner 
of the mattress; now I’m shaking out the top flat sheet; now I’m smoothing it out
and getting it centered; and now I’m tucking in the corners of the flat sheet under
the mattress . . . » and so on.
When I can do this, it helps my mind be « where my feet are » and not somewhere else.
And, inevitably, if I stop and examine my situation, I find that I have everything
I really need in this moment.
-Christopher Bolgiano
Just being in the present moment and doing simple things such as making the bed 
or sipping tea can give me great joy.


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