For there lies peace, perfectly clear
because you have been willing to meet its conditions.
You can claim the Holy Instant anywhere you want it.
-A Course in Miracles
Whether allowing the paintbrush to gently glide across the water-soaked paper to
create ribbons of luminous color, losing myself to a sacred chant,
observing the tiny jade hummingbird do its dance among the bee balm, or laughing
aloud while penning a silly children’s poem-all are times where my spirit, in the
Holy Instant, has found its true peace.
Moments released of any guilt, fear, resentment, or judgment-ego-free moments which
often turn to hours, as time magically slips by unnoticed-
are the blissful states that direct us straight to the heart of God.
Let’s choose to follow a much gentleImage path. When we learn to give ourselves time
away from our self-made world of noise, confusion, and illusion and instead surrender
to God’s leading, we then become that
peace which we have for so long been seeking. The more our spirits are nurtured 
and peace-filled, the more likely we are to be reflections of that
perfect peace for others in our world. We teach peace, we share peace, by being 
Submitted by Deb Bergstr


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