by Ruth Fishel

Years ago, while trying to raise money for a halfway house for alcoholic women,
I struggled to write a request for donations to local banks. I remember staying
up night after night, crossing out lines, changing words, throwing away many pages
of unacceptable letters. There came a point when I finally realized that if I waited
for the perfect letter, we
would never get the halfway house going. So I wrote the best letter I could and
mailed it out to local banks. I then followed it up with a personal visit to each
bank, and in no time enough donations came in so we could begin to help women to
recover. Perfection is most often a judgment in one’s mind. Oh, we can do some
things perfectly, such as finishing a crossword puzzle or following the ingredients
in a recipe or passing an exam with all the right answers, but
perfection in most things is a matter of personal opinion. Most often, if we wait
to do something perfectly or wait for the perfect time, we miss out on many opportunities.
We need to know that we are human beings, not gods or saints, and that we can only
do the best we can in any given moment. It’s
only when we take chances that we will make things happen.
Today I trust that I am doing the best I can in any given moment and will go forward
with my plans to achieve something new.


3 réflexions au sujet de « by Ruth Fishel »

  1. Words of wisdom to remember. So often I let trying to do things right slow me down. As my husband used to say while he was working on his PhD, « The only good dissertation is a completed dissertation. » Thanks for the reminder Louise. 🙂

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