by Ruth Fishel

Our thoughts can scare us by telling us all the things we have to fear as we grow
old. What if we are alone? What if we won’t have enough money? What if we can’t 
take care of ourselves?
What if we are sick?
By practicing mindfulness, we can see that these are just thoughts. Nothing remains
but our memory of them. Of course, you can bring them back by choice. And they can
come back by habit, but they are only words that create fear. They have
absolutely no truth.
By practicing mindfulness, we can see these words for what they are, just words.
We can stop and even smile. We can say to ourselves, « These are just words. »
We can breathe in and out three times and watch them disappear.
We can be aware that the future is not here, and that we have no idea in this moment
what we will be like 2, 5, 10, 20 years from now. We can bring our awareness to 
the reality that we are okay right now. And if any of these thoughts were real, 
would still be okay and find a way to live with their reality.
I am so grateful that I am learning to understand
that my thoughts are not my reality and no matter what is going on in the present
moment, I am okay.


2 réflexions au sujet de « by Ruth Fishel »

  1. Première aventure « dans la « beauté du jour » ».

    Le texte que j’y trouve est très précisément ce dont j’avais besoin ce soir.

    Étonnant comment la Vie fait les choses.


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