When eating bamboo sprouts,remember the man who planted

When eating bamboo sprouts,
remember the man who planted them.
-Chinese proverb

So much that goes into everything we have in our lives is usually beyond our awareness.
We wear clothes and eat food that we would not have, had not the toil of many people
been involved long before these items reached our bodies and our tables.
By simply thinking of the planters, the pickers, the packers, and the shippers the
next time you dress or eat, you can experience the interconnectedness
of all human beings. What a wonderful, yet sad, feeling it is
to be aware of our connections to each other. Wonderful in that we are all human
beings with the same feelings and desires. Sad because the person planting our 
food might be underpaid and overworked, struggling to take care of his family, and
maybe even living under the threat
of war.
Stretching our mind with this awareness can help us remember how precious our lives
are and remind us to treat every person with compassion and respect.
Today I am opening my heart to people everywhere,
knowing that we are all interconnected.


3 réflexions au sujet de « When eating bamboo sprouts,remember the man who planted »

  1. quelle merveilleuse vérité , quelle gratitude, ressenti et quel changement dans ta vie intérieure et extérieure i quand tu fais cette prise conscience.
    merci pour le partage

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