The world only whispers her secrets to those who stand
still and listen. That’s the reason the only difference
between « now » and « know » is one very silent letter.
-Kate Nowak

Take some time today to sit quietly by yourself and give
some thought to the following:
First, what does PEACE really mean to you on a personal level?
Does it mean free from worries?
Getting along with everyone?
Being debt-free?
Having everything you need?
Having everything you want?
Being in nature?
Being close to God?
What else?
Now imagine how you would feel if you had this peace in
your heart.
Sit here for as long as you want and let these feelings of
peace wash over you.
Today I am giving myself the gift of time and peace.

Ruth Fishel

« Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two
deep breaths, or the turning inwards in prayer for five short minutes. »
-Etty Hillesum

In times of irritation or upset,
fear or frustration,
in short,
any time
when we are not feeling peaceful . . .
simply stop.
Feel your breath coming in and going out.
Do this a few times
And notice the space between your breaths.
Simply be aware of that space

Ruth Fishel
and then notice
the change in how you are feeling now
from how you were feeling a few minutes ago.
Our breath is a gift.
All we have to do is
notice i

Staying with the discomfort is difficult. The mind keeps darting off to avoid the
feelings in the body, primarily by trying to analyze why you feel the way you do.

But you keep returning to the breath in the center of the chest and the physical
experience in the body. At some point you then remember to broaden the field of
awareness by including the environment-the feeling of space in the room and the
sounds of traffic from outside.

Awareness shifts back and forth between the internal
bodily sensations and the physical reality of the environment, and gradually the
somberness of mood begins to lighten. There is a sudden realization that you don’t
have to struggle-that there’s nothing to do.

It becomes clear that all of the struggle,
the addictive craving, the need to fill the gnawing unease with activities and substances,
are compulsions that you don’t have to follow. There’s a sense of freedom in realizing
that even though the addictive tug may be strong, you don’t have to be pulled in
by it.

You see that by simply residing in what is, exactly as it is, the much more
genuine experience of happiness can begin to arise naturally on its own.

zen quote by Ezra Bayda

From Ruth Fishel

July 28 Whatever comesuptodaythat makes me feelstressed,agitated,fearful, ornegative,I canSTOP,bring my awarenesstomybreath,and remember somethingfor whichI am grateful.I canfeelpeace.